Design Thinking

Generating new ideas to inform strategic directions

We don’t just design websites, we rethink entire digital landscapes.

Design is omnipresent; we use design thinking principles to drive good business. We sweat over the details because every detail communicates who you are and how you can solve your customer’s problems.


Build deeper understandings

A solid design foundation at the start of every project is key to its success. The goal of this first step is to build a holistic view of the problem that you are trying to solve.

We conduct workshops with key stakeholders and explore stakeholder values. Assess your Information Architecture aligns with your users' behaviours and expectations. Creating 'User story maps' to develop the best possible understanding of your user types and their needs.

Cobham's Overhaul

Increasing social engagement by 130% through an overhaul of cobham’s website with improved IA, design and UX


Identify core problems

Through analysing the data that we collected during the Empathise phase, we can more accurately define current pain points and underlying triggers. We narrow down the problem to make the project measurable and manageable.


Identify core problems

We apply our extensive design expertise to help generate the right ideas. Our design approach extends beyond the aesthetic and incorporates the structural. From assessing your Information Architecture, conducting UX Evaluations to identify and initiate quick wins to your current website, to improving the User Interface. We look to all of these disciplines find the right solution.


Design and developing Dettol's new Global Website


Investigate the viability of ideas

Moving away from conventional wireframes, we build interactive prototypes to quickly test our ideas and assumptions. This iterative cycle allows us to narrow down, measure and validate against objectives before any full implementation is carried out - saving time and money.

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