We deliver digital transformations, the Cogworks Way.

Our processes are focused on clear communication. We learn, respond, and adapt.

Our collaborative project teams deliver effective digital solutions over the long term and rapid execution in the short term.

Excelling in Open Source

Using an open source platform gives us the flexibility to create better solutions because we contribute to the platform that we use.

As a part of the community we can find and build upon the best solutions for your business. It’s transparent, open and collaborative in nature, values that reflect the ethos of The Cogworks.

We constantly encourage all of our Umbraco certified developers to regularly contribute to the Umbraco source code; such as fixing issues, building new features, and creating exciting new packages - ultimately creating a more stable, feature rich platform to help improve your digital presence.

We have built an almost unrivalled global profile for excellence in the field. Since 2009 we have been hosting the largest Umbraco event in the UK, the second largest in the world, and we’re now replicating this in Poland and Eastern Europe. We know that being an active member of a collaborative community is invaluable to digital progression.


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