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We started using Umbraco in 2008 and immediately saw the potential in this free, open source content management system that was as easy to implement as it was for clients to use.

In fact, it didn't take us long to become the first agency in the UK to partner with Umbraco. Then, when they announced their Umbraco Gold Partner programme, we knew we had to take that next step.

Taking it to the next level

Being an Umbraco Gold Partner means that not only do we have an in-house team with a proven track record as Umbraco certified developers, but also that we've got a financial stake in making sure that Umbraco succeeds.

Getting the 'Gold' advantage allows us direct access to the Umbraco HQ for support and bug fixes.

We are global leaders in helping Umbraco developers and companies get up and running successfully with Umbraco. We are active in the developer forum's and with our world renowned Umbraco festivals, we are helping drive Umbraco knowledge around the world.


Our Gold Certified Partner status sets the Cogworks team apart from other Umbraco developers.

We organise and host several major Umbraco events each year, which ensures the Cogworks has the highest possible profile within the Umbraco community. For you and your business, this means increased efficiency and access to a knowledge base that extends far beyond the walls of the Cogworks' offices.

Key milestones

As active supporters of all things Umbraco, we're proud to be part of one of the friendliest developer networks there is. Along the way, we've…

  • Established and run the annual Umbraco UK Festival, which gets bigger every year
  • Built the Umbraco community in Poland as well as starting the Umbraco Poland festival
  • Helped design and develop the Umbraco installation process for version 4.6
  • Encouraged our employees to be as active in the Umbraco community as possible
  • Designed and built the umbraco.tv website

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