How Cogworks helped Trainline integrate the Umbraco CMS and improve site UX, IA and SEO

The Challenge 

Trainline is the UK's leading independent train ticket retailer. had a number of SEO landing pages targeting popular destinations, popular routes and station facilities.

These pages amounted to a great deal of data which was not being content managed efficiently. Trainline struggled to make simple content changes, as each change required a full code deployment - this made managing the website costly and time consuming.

Trainline challenged Cogworks to produce a proof of concept to show how we could make the Umbraco CMS work for Trainline’s content team, whilst maintaining key functionality such as train departure times and ticketing systems. The team at Trainline were so impressed that this small piece of CMS consultancy soon evolved into a full service project, with Cogworks providing UX, IA, Web Design and Development services.

What we did

  • Provided expert consultancy on how best to integrate Umbraco with their existing ticketing and scheduling applications
  • Created and implemented a stable and reliable development and deployment architecture on Amazon AWS
  • Complete redesign carried consistently across all pages
  • Successfully migrated key SEO landing pages into the CMS
  • Significantly improved SEO visibility and page rankings

How we did it

In keeping with our approach we held a series of workshops to understand Trainline’s digital needs. Cogworks then provided a consultation report with our recommendations. The main priority was to place all pages into the CMS to allow Trainline’s SEO experts much needed control over web content with a view to increasing traffic to the site by improving search engine rankings.

This meant importing vast amounts of data from other data sources into Umbraco. Alongside this we conducted a complete redesign of the Trainline website content pages.

Essential to the success of our work with Trainline was the indepth consultancy we provided. Constant communication meant that we were able to successfully improve their digital presence in line with business objectives.