IET Faraday

Developing a custom STEM resource website

The Challenge

As part of a wider project to rebuild the website in Umbraco, we were given the challenge of creating a site that allowed STEM resources for primary and secondary schools to be easily uploaded, searched for and downloaded by teachers to be used in their lessons. In addition to this, a number of STEM posters were also available for online order or download.

The resources were to be publicly searchable, however to be able to download an IET login profile was required.

What we did

  • Built a faceted resource search, allowing users to filter down to appropriate search results through a more streamlined UX

  • Secured resource and poster downloads behind a login that linked directly to the IET’s internal CRM

  • Ensured that the poster delivery and order process was maintained in the move from the previous system to Umbraco

  • Created a flexible modular template for other site content showcasing other STEM activities including the First Lego League and Faraday Challenge Days

How we did it

With the new school year fast approaching the pressure was on to deliver an effective website experience.  A close relationship with the IET was essential in order to meet the strict budget and deadline targets. We achieved this through daily stand ups, iterative demos and an MVP approach. We successfully produced the new STEM resource and poster pages in time for the new school year, as well as re-booting the old infrastructure to improve the IET’s digital presence and accessibility.

To locate the STEM resources quickly and efficiently we developed a faceted search tool so users can filter resources by age, duration, key stage and subject /topic. A key pain point of the previous website was that the search allowed users to reach 0 results, often leading to user’s leaving the site. The new faceted search has vastly improved the search page bounce rates.

The IET Faraday website now provides a beautiful web experience for teachers, coupled with an efficient back office for content editors. Top marks all round!