Case Study

Increasing social engagement by 130% through an overhaul of Cobham’s website with improved IA, design and UX.

Cobham plc is a leading global technology and services company that provides advanced aerospace and defense systems across land, sea, and air.

Their website was outdated and ineffective with confusing IA; meaning a poor UX, unresponsive layout, complicated navigation system, and an unappealing design. We needed to shorten the user journey to increase interaction between users and relevant Cobham departments: this required a total design and UX overhaul.






What we did:

  • A complete UI design overhaul focusing from mobile, tablet to desktop to increase user engagement:
  • Leading to increased Cobham’s LinkedIn followers by 130%
  • Increased Cobham’s Facebook followers by 50%
  • Increased Cobham’s Twitter followers by 50%
  • Simplified a logical IA structure for improved user journeys to products and services
  • Increased the new users return rate: with more than 10% returning to the website on a weekly basis
  • Created a framework that was transferable to further Cobham sites

How we did it:

We were able to simplify and defined Cobham's Information Architecture after conducting extensive user research; establishing user personas, carrying out competitor analysis and workshopping with internal stakeholders. By using methods such as card-sorting with the client to establish the most significant user personas, and user story mapping, we were able to identify the core needs of Cobham’s site from a design and UX perspective.

Our solution

We divided Cobham's core services into 4 domains: Space, Air, Land and Maritime. Arranging content into these categories; followed by their capabilities, leading into products and services, producing a much more accessible and easy to understand structure for users visiting the site.

Rapid prototyping and iterative releases of wireframes enabled us to continuously test and improve on user interactions. Because of this we shortened the user journey, bypassed existing unnecessary steps, and increased interaction between users and Cobham departments.

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