CanDo Coffee Case Study

Improved online presence for CanDo Coffee helped increase site traffic and job applications

CanDo Coffee Logo

CanDo Coffee is a 100% not-for-profit business, supporting the rehabilitation of socially excluded people through meaningful employment.

They came to us for a content refresh, to move away from their charity image towards a commercial identity but our free website consultation found several issues. The outdated site was unclear and was not responsive across all devices. They had no e-commerce capabilities and poor search engine rankings.

Photoshoot at CanDo Coffee
Cogworks Staff Reviewing CanDo Coffee onscreen
Cogworks staff member making notes

What we did:

  • Complete site makeover including layout, redesign and fresh content
  • Established and refined brand identity in line with CanDo’s goals
  • Created a fully responsive site across all devices
  • Updated UI and improved UX
  • Implemented a full e-commerce capability
  • Increased site traffic
  • Increased job applications via the site
  • Increased enquiries about catering and events
Gif of CanDo Homepage scrolling

How we did it:

We identified several areas to focus on for CanDo: content refresh, visual language, design/UX and content population.

CanDo Coffee's strong social message was wasted on an ineffective website. So we partnered with CanDo’s branding agency to apply a consistent visual language throughout its web presence. Alongside workshops with them, we conducted competitor research to identify their unique selling points. We then developed wireframes and rapidly prototyped designs.

By applying Agile methodology to deliver incremental content changes, we shortened the feedback cycle with the client to creatively develop new content. The final step was executing a smooth and seamless move to a responsive CMS.

CanDo Homepage on Apple Devices
Customers sitting at table
CanDo Staff Serving Customers
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