Our process

We help you explore, re-imagine and deliver new ways of solving your toughest customer challenges.

Applying a diverse range of techniques from 'Lean startup' to 'Design Thinking', we help you find, explore and ultimately exploit new opportunities.

Today's digital landscape is complex and shifting, it takes new thinking and approaches to connect with your customers as they navigate the diversity of a networked world.

However, thanks to our unique blend of 'Human-centered design', 'Ethnographic' and applied 'Anthropological Research' we can generate unique insights and deeper perspectives - then using our iterative approach turn insight into innovation.

Our approach helps you strip away convention and allows you to see new opportunities and new horizons. To help you better connect with and serve your customers. To see the world with their eyes.


Process in the wild

We’re adaptable and responsive to what you or your customers need, so we don't tend to follow a prescribed process. However,  if you were to observe us in the field, an engagement might look a bit like this.


During the Empathise stage, it’s our goal as designers and consultants to gain an empathic understanding of the people we’re designing for and the problem we are trying to solve. This involves empathising with, engaging and observing the people — your target audience — you are trying to connect with.


Next we analyse our observations and synthesise them in order to define the core problems that we have identified, resulting in a human-centred 'problem statement'.

The ideate stage helps our designers and consultants gather great ideas to establish features, functions, and any other elements that will allow them to solve the problems identified.


Our designers are now ready to start generating ideas, 'thinking outside the box' to identify new solutions to the problem statement we’ve created, with as many alternative ways of viewing the problem we can think of.

Our design approach extends beyond just the aesthetic design and incorporates the structural i.e. the information architecture of the website.


This is where the real fun starts! We use whatever means necessary to create a prototype that can be tested with real users.

Whether this is a simple wireframe, an interactive clickable hi-fidelity mockup or an actual basic content managed website using the Cogworks Umbraco Toolkit, we make sure it is quick, simple and effective.


The only way to truly understand whether our solutions work is to test them out on real users and study the data.

Can they find what they are looking for or are they getting lost? Are they following the 'call to action' controls? Are they registering or buying your products?

Measurement of the success of our ideas is key to the success of our projects and we value it highly. Our data analysts collate and evaluate the results.


To complete the loop, we take everything we have learnt, all the data, the findings and the results and feed that back into the process.

Constantly learning, studying and evaluating allows us to continually improve your website helping it perform as well as it possibly can.

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