Open Source Ethos

Collaboration and openness are at the heart of everything we do

Excelling in Open Source

Having freedom and teamwork at the heart of our company values, allows us to be as involved in the open source community as possible.

We give our team the freedom to get involved encouraging them to speak at events, release packages, fix bugs and generally immerse themselves.

This not only makes them better project managers and developers, but also makes the products we deliver better not just our clients but for the community as a whole.

The Umbraco CMS

As an integral part of the Umbraco community we are helping build a better product for everyone. It’s transparent, open and collaborative in nature, values that reflect the ethos of The Cogworks.

We constantly encourage all of our Umbraco certified developers to regularly contribute to the Umbraco source code; such as fixing issues, building new features, and creating exciting new packages - ultimately creating a more stable, feature rich platform to help improve your digital presence.

We have built an almost unrivalled global profile for excellence in the field. Since 2009 we have been hosting the largest Umbraco event in the UK, the second largest in the world, and we’re now replicating this in Poland and Eastern Europe. We know that being an active member of a collaborative community is invaluable to digital progression.


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