How we work

Collaboration and transparency are key to delivering a successful project

We deliver digital transformations, the Cogworks Way.

Our processes are focused around constant client communication. We believe the more we communicate with each other, the better the end result.

Why are we different?

As a company we have broken down the walls of the traditional ‘department’. 

We don't have individual project management, development, design and content teams.

What we have are flexible, self-managing, cross-functional production teams that comprise all the skills needed to get your project delivered as efficiently and accurately as possible.  

The team members work collaboratively together, sharing knowledge across all the different skillsets, but more importantly sharing the responsibility for completing the work and delivering the best value possible to you!

Clear communication channels 

We believe that clear, regular and transparent communication is essential to the successful delivery of projects.

That's why we don't hide our developers in a cupboard! As part of the production team, our developers are a part of the conversation.

They actively participate and are not hidden behind account and project managers.

Our communication process includes:-

  • Project Kickoff - At the beginning of any project to define deliverables
  • Daily Team Standup - A daily catchup to discuss progress. we encourage you to join!
  • Internal Regular Demos - To demo any work completed to the rest of the team to ensure it meets expectations
  • Client Demo - A demo to you every week of all the functionality completed during that week
  • Weekly Project Retrospective - To discuss the week’s work, what went well, what didn’t and what we can improve for the next week
  • Monthly Account Meetings - How are we doing? What's coming up? What priorities have changed?

Right first time

Our 'right first time' ethos is embraced by the whole team. Using a range of methods taken from various Agile frameworks our production teams scope, design, build, test and deliver everything from start to finish, involving you at all times. 

This ensures we build what you need, not what we think you need!

Measuring success 

How do we know if what we are designing and building is working?  Well we measure! We take a baseline before we start, then working in small iterations we measure, look at the results and improve. This is a continuous cycle, and not just a one time only task.

Our process is built around this fundamental principle - the Build Measure Learn loop. We understand that your website is a key business tool that needs to deliver results.


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