Your guide to the Umbraco Poland Festival: DRINK


Dzień dobry!

I'm Anthony, and I'll be your bar guide around Krakow today.

Krakow has a crazy amount of bars. Kazimierz bars have romantic candle lit rustic charm, while the main market has a mix of basement bars and up market. With over 500 bars to choose from I'll only begin to scratch the surface of my favourite bars in Krakow, but hey, it's a good start!

Bars - Main Market

Piwnica Pod Baranami - **RECOMMENDED** - MUST!!

The oldest basement jazz bar in Krakow. Intimate, charming, full of character. An authentic piece of old Krakow. Explore all the rooms and pick your favourite. If you are lucky there will be a touring jazz band playing.

Rynek Główny 27, 30-001 Kraków, Poland 

Harris Piano Jazz Bar

One of the most popular basement jazz bars in the main market.

Rynek Główny 28, 31-000 Kraków, Poland


A modern rock-ish bar popular with locals who want something more modern.

Sławkowska 12, 31-014 Kraków, Poland 

Jazz Rock Cafe

Located in the basement of Antycafe. There is nothing jazz about this place. Its basically a rock bar/nightclub. This bar has a smoking room.

Sławkowska 12, 31-014 Kraków, Poland

De Cafencja - **RECOMMENDED**

A tiny locals bar tucked in an ale. Rustic and cheap. Drink here and have a chat with the bartender.

Sławkowska 4, 31-014 Kraków, Poland

Klub Kulturalny - **RECOMMENDED**

A hidden basement bar where the locals flock to when other bars are closed. A classic basement bar.

Szewska 25, 33-332 Kraków, Poland

Bars - Kazimierz

Krakow is all about it’s rustic charming candle lit romantic cosy bars. This list contains my favourites, among a selection of others. 

Mleczarnia - **RECOMMENDED** - MUST!

Probably the most charming historic bar in Krakow. Candle lit, cozy, and charmingly romantic. A MUST!

Beera Meiselsa 20, 31-058 Kraków 

Eszeweria - **RECOMMENDED**

More rough around the edges than Mleczarnia (above), But still with lots of history. This bar has a smoking room.

Józefa 9, 31-056 Kraków

Don Chichote czyli Bohaterowie Są Zmęczeni - **RECOMMENDED**

My favourite bar. Cozy, rustic and charming. They have jazz on Thurs, Fri, Sat.

Krakowska 5, 33-332 Kraków

Singer - **RECOMMENDED**

No visit is complete without a visit to Singer. A cozy romantic candle lit bar. The tables have old fashioned sewing machines on them. This bar has a smoking room.

Estery 20, 31-056 Kraków 


One of the oldest and popular bars in the area. Louder than most bars but still charming. This bar has a smoking room through a closet door.

Estery 5, 31-056 Kraków

Pijalnia Wódki I Piwa

Communist style shot bar. Lots of flavours. Very popular among the locals

plac Nowy 7, 33-332 Kraków, Poland

Domówka Cafe

A trendy (yet under stated) craft beer bar. You have never seen this many craft beers before!

Miodowa 28 a, 31-050 Kraków, Poland

PUB Pod Ziemią - ROCKowa piwnica na Kazimierzu

My favourite local rock bar. They have heavy metal karaoke. Lots of fun! The locals love a chat!

Miodowa 43, 31-052 Kraków


Krakow bars have so much more character and personality than most other cities. From the classic romantic charm Kazimierz to the cosy basement bars scattered around the city, there is always a surprise 

If you're looking for some delicious food recommendations to try out (you might need it after all that ^) check out my previous blog post on the top places to eat in Krakow.

We can't wait to see you all next week for the Umbraco Poland festival (pssst there's still time to get some last minute tickets and if you enter the code DOEATDRINK at checkout you'll also receive 50% off!!)

Article by Anthony Dang (@anthonydotnet)