Your guide to the Umbraco Poland Festival: DO


Dzień dobry!

I'm Anthony, and I'll be your tour guide around Krakow today.

I have become well acquainted with Krakow ever since we opened an office there, and I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In this article I'll be taking you on a quick tour of many great places that I have discovered in the last few years of going there.

This is only scratching the surface of Krakow's charm. There is plenty more in this wonderful city to discover! 

Main Square

The main square is a must see if you're new the city. I love just sitting and looking at the buildings. It's just grand.


Must Do's:

  • Sit at Rynek (main market square) and soak up the history - It’s one of the grandest market squares in Europe
  • Walk through the old cloth hall at the main market, and buy some Amber - Poland is on the Amber trail after all
  • Watch & listen to the trumpet player at the cathedral tower (main market). They stop mid-note because that’s when the original trumpet player was shot with an arrow
  • Do a tour of the Wawel Castle
  • Find the castle dragon and watch it breath fire
  • Sit on the hill on the outer wall of the castle and watch the sun set over the river
  • Visit the Polish National Museum
  • Go to a basement bar in the main square - I recommend Piwnica Pod Baranami - The oldest and most charming Jazz bar in Krakow


Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter)

This is where the real history tour begins. The Jewish Quarter has so much charm and character that you will not want to leave.

Must Do's:

  • Walk around the back streets of Kazimierz (Jewish quarter) - It’s one of the most historic places in Poland and Jewish people from around the world travel there for the international Jewish Festival
  • See the historic old Jewish Square
  • See the plac Nowy flee market (main square in Kazimierz) - Open every day, but even more choices on the weekend
  • See the old synagogue
  • See the old cemetery
  • Walk over Kładka Bernadka - A bridge over the river Vistula (at the bottom of Kazimierz)
  • See Schindler’s museum
  • Tour the salt mine (half day) 

In the evenings

Must Do's:

  • Sit in a romantic candle lit, bar in Kazimierz 
  • Watch a jazz band
  • Do shots with a bartender (Ask for their favourite shot, then pay for an extra one for the bartender!)
  • Drink shots in the communist style shot bar in plac Nowy, Kazimierz

Krakow is well worth a visit. It is as beautiful as Edinburgh and Prague, and has a vibrance that bigger cities dream of. The city is historic, artistic and full of culture. The Jazz scene is everywhere, and the food options are fantastic! Not to mention the Umbraco Poland Festival is being held there, what better excuse for a vacation ;-)

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Article by Anthony Dang (@anthonydotnet)