Why Umbraco UK Festival was THE BEST ONE EVER (in your words…)


300 people, 35 pull requests, 100 pizzas, 1 million coffees and a whole lot of ‘geekery’ (as Indra Sarkar put it) - just some of the formula that went into making 2016 the best Umbraco UK Festival ever.

Now, three weeks on, as we retire our orange lanyards for the year it’s time to take a moment tocelebrate with you - our loyal Umbraco community and sum up just what made it such an awesome day.

Twitter tells us that you had a merry old time, so we decided we should leave the story telling to you, sharing highlights from the day through your eyes.

Without further ado, here are the highlights, as told by you. Oh and if we didn’t say it already, #h5yr!

The community spirit

Tweet from Umbraco UK Festival community
Tweet from Umbraco UK Festival community
Tweet from Umbraco UK Festival community
Tweet from Umbraco UK Festival community
Tweet from Umbraco UK Festival community

The talks

“We have been with Umbraco since version 3 and now are planning to upgrade to version 7. I have learned some neat tricks from Per’s talk which we will undoubtedly use!” - Nick Gardener, Cobham.

"I liked the talk that Theo Paraskevopoulos gave on personalisation. I have a personalisation project coming up so it’s always good to have a relevant one to a project you’re doing." - Carole Logan, Equator.

"I enjoyed the talk about Umbraco as a service - it’s a good concept. At our company we don’t use it as a service, but they said it makes it a lot easier if you use it that way. So it might be a case of thinking about it for the future." - Joe Bolla, WPN Chameleon.

The venue

Tweet UmbUKFestival
Tweet UmbUKFestival
Coffee to hand and ready

The kid friendly swag

UmUKfest Goodies

The celebrity encounters

Selfie UmbUKfest
Selfie UmbUKfest
Umbraco community

The pizza

Tweet about pizza
Tweet about pizza

The plug accessibility

Plug accessibility

The bottomless coffee (although maybe too much of a good thing?)


The beard presence

Tweet about beards
Too many beards

Photo credit: Percipient Studios

The IRL interaction

I work in Umbraco every day so it’s been good to come along and enjoy the social side and catch up with the people you talk to online all the time but don’t usually get to meet in real life. - Carole Logan.

Tweet IRL interaction

The nap time after

Tweet about nap time
Tweet about nap time

Oh, and that awesome product...what's it called again?

Umbraco UK Festival Goodies