Where to stay in Krakow for the Umbraco Poland Festival


Dzień dobry!

I'm Anthony, and I'll be your tour guide around Krakow today.

In this article I'll be sharing my advice when looking for places to stay in this beautiful city for the upcoming #umbPLfest.

Locals tip: When you're in the city centre, EVERYTHING is in walking distance!

Staying in the Main Square

The main square is a must see if you're new to the city. It's just grand. Since this is the main touristy area, you will pay a little extra. However the atmosphere and ambience is well worth it. There are loads of Airbnb's and hotels in and around the main square and all at very reasonable prices. 

This area is just a 10-15 minute walk to the Umbraco Poland Festival venue,  but if you want be even closer then stay on the right side of the main market, although in reality everything is pretty quick to walk to.

Krakow main market square


You can typically find an Airbnb between 30-80 EUR per night. I recommend staying inside the mapped area below. It's the prettiest and most grand part of Krakow.

Here is a quick Airbnb search filter for you: https://bit.ly/2MbNMRF

Airbnb Krakow


As you can see from the map below, there are a load of hotels available. The quality is generally very good, and you have to be very unlucky to find a bad hotel in Krakow. My suggestion would be to stay within this map area. 

Locals tip: I would stay away from Szewska street. It has the main foot traffic, and can be quite rowdy.

Here are some options for you:


Hotel krakow

 Staying in Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter)

This is the most historic place in Krakow. It is rustic and charming, and a little less touristy than the main market. There are a lot of hotels and Airbnb's, and it is my favourite part of Krakow. I recommend staying right in the centre of Kazimierz. It is where you really see the charm of the area.

It's approximately 15-20mins walk to the festival venue. If you want to be as close as possible to the Umbraco Poland Festival venue, then consider staying on the north-east end of Kazimierz...although, that's the most boring part ;-)

The hotels in Kazimierz are very high quality. I recommend you stay within the following map area. The centre of the map has all the great historic buildings and a fantastic nightlife. 

Locals tip: If you're staying on a main road such as Dietla or Starowislna, you should consider if road noise will be a problem for you. 

Jewish Quarter Krakow

Final tips:

  • Ensure your choice has air conditioning!
    • Many of these old buildings don't have proper insulation between floors, so it can get pretty hot if you are on a higher floor

  • There are so many Airbnb's now that the prices are very favourable. Totally worth considering!
    • 30 Euro per night can get you a nice small studio apartment
    • 70 Euro per night and you'll be living like a King!

If you'd like to join us in Krakow next month for the Umbraco Poland Festival get your tickets here!

Article by Anthony Dang (@anthonydotnet)