Umbraco in fashion


Umbraco hit a monumental milestone this month with more than 400,000 active Umbraco sites worldwide in 198 countries. While the internet serves as a nebula of content, Umbraco is hitting home with some of the biggest and brightest brands in the world. The flexibility of Umbraco spurs brand creativity; this has not gone unnoticed by the leading creatives. As Fashion Week descends upon London, we explore how Umbraco has been used as a tool to enable fashion houses, publishers and educators to be more exciting and accessible.

Talent - Storm Management
Heard of Kate Moss or Cara Delevigne? Both international supermodels were scouted by Storm Management, a modeling agency we have the privilege of working with.
Storm Management wanted to showcase their creative talents in a modern and eye-catching way, but needed a powerful content management system that could support high resolution images amounting to over 500 gigabytes of data. Umbraco became the CMS of choice. On top of managing the visual data, we also helped Storm with automatically cropping the images to suit mobile, email, and e-casting use. In recent years, a model’s social media following has become a crucial consideration for talent selection. In order to showcase this, The Cogworks custom built a feature that sources information from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to give bookers an overview of their social reach.


Fashion Brand - Calvin Klein
Since 1968, Calvin Klein has served as a cultural catalyst and fashion powerhouse driven by a mission to provoke discovery. Like every piece in every collection, Calvin Klein’s web presence must be an extension of this narrative. The site is clean, responsive, and undeniably sexy. The design principles not only apply to users to visit the site, but also to Calvin Klein employees in 8000 stores globally who needed a powerful and user friendly tool to manage store details and communicate with their suppliers.

Calvin Klein

Publication - Vogue
In an interview with Mashable in 2015, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour commented that when she critiques certain designs, “functionality is key.” She further adds, "It would be a mistake to think something is wonderful just because it looks great. What would be the point? We're careful to look at both." Using this lens to examine the British Vogue website, we can see that while the site is extremely content-rich, it is a pleasure to navigate and can handle high-traffic volumes with ease. The British Vogue site is just one example in Condé Nast’s suit of publications that uses Umbraco. Others Umbraco sites include Glamour, Wired and GQ. The development team at Condé Nast Digital in London’s West-End are regular contributors to the Our Umbraco community and constantly spearheading innovation in the fields of fashion and technology.


Education - Condé Nast College
Located in Central London, Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design was established by the Condé Nast Publications Ltd in order to give students an intensive and immersive industry experience in one of the world's leading fashion and publishing capitals. As Umbraco is the CMS of choice for Condé Nast, it is only natural that the College also uses this CMS. The Cogworks started our collaboration with Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design before the official opening of the college in 2013 and helped with the design and build of the site. Prospective students can browse through all of the course offerings and apply to their chosen programmes. Graduates of the college have since gone on to work at prestigious industry giants like Net-A-Porter, Chanel, and Elle to name a few.

Condé Nast College

While you won't see Umbraco in the front row at London Fashion Week, it's clear fashion has welcomed Umbraco into the fold. As fashion app creator Daniela Cecilio sums it up best: “At a basic level, there is a major expectation for an easy journey, from an app or website to having the product in hand.” Umbraco not only provides an easy journey for users, fashion devotees and creatives alike, but also has the power to showcase rich content in a way that will always be in vogue.