Two weeks ago, I attended my first Umbraco...neh…my first technology festival of any kind. Ever. The excitement of the festival started months before the actual big day and it was wonderful to see every piece come together. Coming from a non-technical background and role at The Cogworks, I was really excited to finally connect with technical colleagues who I've only spoken with before via Slack or Skype.

The morning of the big event started with lots of caffeine and enthusiasm. A couple of us from the Content Team helped with registration by welcoming all of the attendees with our new festival swag bag.


Umbraco super-duo Niels Hartvig and Per Ploug Hansen delivered the keynote speech to kick off the official day of festival workshops. One of the biggest changes to this year's festival programming was that there were talks and workshops running simultaneously, which also took advantage of the amazing venue. During my downtimes at the festival, I popped into two sessions: a UX talk given by Chris Bush of Sigma Consulting Solutions and a case study of Umbraco in local government by Tom Styles from Nottinghamshire County Council. Both talks were very engaging and perfect for a non-technical person to learn a bit more about Umbraco and its applications.

The response that we received after the festival was fantastic! Several attendees of this years festival wrote blog posts detailing their experiences. We want to give Marcin Zajkowski (and his team from SICC (@zajkowskimarcin) a huge shout out for documenting their entire trip to London including their adventures at the hackathon and all the way to the excitement at the afterparty. For an insightful summary of Umbraco 8 and beyond, you can read Dan Booth's (@DanDiplo) commentaries here. Make sure to also visit the good folks over at Perplex Internet Marketing (@OlafMeul) who wrote a smashing piece about the different sessions that they attended.

We have also been collecting feedback about your experience at the festival to improve our programming for next year. Please feel free to also leave your thoughts in the comments below. Onwards and upwards Team Umbraco. 'Til next year.