Top 10 things we love about agency life


1. Exmouth Market is just a stone’s throw away!

There’s a great variety of unique shops and restaurants lining the streets of Exmouth Market. From arty boutiques selling one-off pieces, to mouth-watering food stalls serving up freshly cooked dishes from around the globe. Exmouth Market is perfect if you want to grab a bite for lunch or simply enjoy a stroll on a fine English Summer’s day!

2. We’ve got the coolest cafe in town.

With its rustic wooden tables and walls bursting with flora, The Social Coffee Co. really is the ultimate super cool spot to grab a coffee, or enjoy a meeting, whilst taking in the stunning skyline views of the city. If you stop by, make sure to try one of their infamous ham and cheese toasties!

3. We’re big travellers

The Cogworks team comes from all corners of the world - from Australia to the Americas and of course, we have an office in Poland as well! Our Polish colleagues get the luxury of great snow in winter, which gives us a good excuse to go visit. If you go away to travel or to visit your family, you can’t come back empty handed, we expect at least a fridge magnet and preferably some foreign treats too!

4. We embrace the greenery

From mini cacti and sweet succulents, to fresh cut flowers, there are plants dotted all over the office, on desks and between cubbyholes. We have just reorganised our office to make it more pleasant and enjoyable to work in. We think bringing a little bit of nature into the office can improve our creativity and help our ideas flourish.

5. No dress codes!

We are encouraged to express ourselves through what we wear to work. For example; some people put on their thinking caps, but others have their coding slippers. One of our devs wears slippers or flip flops to work, depending on the season, as he says: “his feet need to be free” in order to code. Other colleagues even coordinate their outfits for special occasions or national holidays.

6. Slack is our communication platform of choice

At The Cogworks, we use Slack as an essential tool to keep everyone in the loop with work and fun. We can join different Slack channels depending on our interests. For example, in the ‘prague-matic-learning’ channel, we take turns sharing fun facts about a different country every day. Slack is also an essential tool to plan surprise birthday parties and organise who will be picking up the cake and card.


Can anyone resist the temptation of a dozen delicious doughnuts? Not us, that’s for sure! If there aren’t doughnuts in the kitchen on Friday morning, then someone will have some serious explaining to do. One of our devs pretty much lives off doughnuts and claims he could eat up to 8 in one sitting. Leave us a comment below if you have a guess as to who that might be!

8. It’s not all holiday chocolates and doughnuts!

We’re actually a very health conscious office and pride ourselves on our leafy green lunches. We get a fresh fruit delivery twice a week - although if you want a banana, you’ve got to be quick, because you can be sure they will be the first to get snapped up (we’ve actually had to implement a one-banana-per-day limit). There’s even one Cogworker who likes to think of himself as a bit of a banana Banksy! Here’s just one of his masterpieces…

9. We welcome a bit of friendly competition

As you may have guessed, Coglympics is a combination of Cogworks and Olympics. Every week, we organise head-to-head competitions or games between teams of staff. It’s a really good way of getting to know your colleagues better and you may even learn something. Why not try your hand at one of our recent Poland quiz questions: Which animal is on the Polish crest? Leave us your answer in the blog comments!

10. We spread the community love through our Umbraco Festivals

As an Umbraco Gold Partner, we started the Umbraco UK Festival seven years ago in order to rally Umbraco enthusiasts. Now it is one of the biggest Umbraco festivals in the world! The event always starts with a Hackathon with Umbraco developers. Then, on the festival day, you can choose between several streams of workshops and talks about all things Umbraco. Plus, the good folks at HQ always dish the dirt on the latest happenings. Our UK Festivals have been such a success that we have now expanded to hosting annual festivals in Poland! The next one is on September 15th so make sure to save the date.