Well firstly...What a day!!

Secondly many thanks to all those who made the effort to come, especially all our friends from further afield - i.e. Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Kent...well it was a bit of an effort for @munkimagik to get in on time :)

If you couldn't make it or didn't manage to get a ticket, then I will be adding a series of blogs describing briefly what happened throughout the day, so keep an eye out, I'll tweet it around when I write them.

And don't worry, because of the success of this one, the next one will be bigger and better and with added Bling!!

Why a UK Umbraco Festival?

It all started back in February really when myself and @warrenbuckley decided to put together the Umbraco birthdayevent which went down a storm.&; And I'm not exaggerating! We nearly literally did sink due to the rocking of the boat and the waves from the wind on the Thames. I'm still not sure if @will_coleman has recovered yet.

It was nearly sick bags all round and abandon ship, which luckily didnt turn into a massive man fight for the lifeboats.

The seeds were sown in my head at that point that I wanted to do a more regular larger UK Umbraco event to showcase Umbraco and how it is evolving as a product, hence the birth of the Umbraco UK Festival.

Also I wanted to give something back to the community. Since we found Umbraco a couple of years ago now, we have found the community to be absolutely amazing and it's what sets Umbraco apart from other CMS's.

I've been in the web industry for nearly 13 years now using various technologies and content management systems, and I have never been involved in such a friendly, helpful and active community, so this is my little piece to give back to everyone.

The Event

The event was only supposed to be a small get together of UK based Umbracians, but the response was absolutely amazing.

After adding the event to the diary on spaces started flying out the door.&; And not only to UK based people.&; Morten Christensen - @sitereactor and Richard Soeteman - @rsoeteman added themselves to the event and so started the foreign attack.&; And when we found out that Niels Hartvig -@umbraco was going to come over from Denmark it added an extra buzz to the event.

After selling out in 9 hours, we had 120 people apply for the tickets which Niels pointed out to me on the day would have made it the 2nd largest Umbraco event after Codegarden this!!

Basically the day turned into a mini Codegarden, or Codegarden's little brother which was totally unplanned, but totally amazing to see and be involved in.

So, thats the onto the day itself.&; Part 2 coming soon...