The People Behind The Cogworks: Nisha Patel


Introducing…Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel

Role: Content Project Manager at The Cogworks
Client/project brag list: Durex, K-Y,, Finish, Dishwashing Expert, CanDo Coffee. 

Let’s talk more…
So Nisha, what brought you here?
Luck and good timing. I was a primary school teacher for two years before I became a Cogworker. So my day-to-day life was teaching five year-olds and all of the wonderful things that came with that. However, I wanted a new challenge, which I found through the Girls in Tech London group on Facebook. To me, it was a temporary role that would tide me over until I found my real job after teaching. A year later I’m still here. It’s gone from me seeing it as a temporary job to this is the job I do after teaching and it’s what I want. I didn’t really know that until I experienced it. 

What’s made you fist pump at work?
When my first site, Durex Canada, went live, I was a very happy bunny. I had been working on it since October 2015 and it finally went live after the Christmas break in January. It was the first one that I had ever worked on by myself in terms of doing the content population and project managing. It’s a really great feeling to have it live as the centerpiece of the Durex project. If anyone new in the team asks for a good example website, I always go with Durex Canada. 

What makes your Cogs Work?
In the office, what makes my cogs work is having a really great playlist on. If there is a really great playlist on, I can just vibe and my day will go a lot faster. I also notice that I sing along to songs and that everyone around me finds it really irritating. Ha ha. Especially since I can’t sing. In my head, I sound like Mariah Carey...out loud I do not. 

This answer really ties into my next question which is what is on your office playlist?
Mariah Carey! Destiny's Childs and anything 90s. For some reason, I can just remember the song lyrics from my youth so easily. I won’t have heard it since I was 10, but you can play it for me now at 26, and I would still know the words, including Eminem’s 8 Mile.

How do you get your tech fix outside of working hours?
Tech-wise, I spend a lot of time on Instagram. One of my friends is currently planning on a sabbatical and she wants to start her Instagram and travel blog so we talk a lot about the kind of Instagram photos she can post when she’s travelling. I have a lot of wanderlust so I follow a lot of travel Instagram accounts to help me plan my next escapade away. 

Where are you going next?
I’m going to San Diego in October for 10 days for a wedding. My Instagram is @spenceglanville and it’s full of cake. 

Who’s on your client bucketlist?
I feel like Thom (another one of our PM team) already has a great list since he’s working with Storm Models so we have that covered. I think on my bucket list it would be a social enterprise or a website with some sort of a cause. We can help to build that message through design and content. We have that right now with CanDo Coffee and it feels like a treat project.

What is your office vice?
If it’s not singing, then I would say that it’s the snack table. We have fruits delivered, but I still go for the doughnuts. Svetislav started this since he brings the doughnuts in. He’s the doughnut king. 

What is your tipple of choice?
My tipple of choice is usually wine when we go for office drinks, but the one that I enjoy the most is Hibiki Whiskey, which is a Japanese blend of whisky. I had it for the first time on a bank holiday trip. It’s really smooth and tastes really good. Japanese whisky has become huge! It’s a blend so they made it with a Scottish whisky so it’s the best of both worlds.

How do you unwind?
I like to run. When I run, it’s probably the only time of the day apart from when I sleep when I am not thinking about something. I’m always thinking about what I need to do or what I need to plan. After I run, I feel like I’ve had some time to myself, from myself even. I prefer morning running in the summer. I used to run in the mornings when I was teaching since we had an earlier start. However, the half past nine start here means I like my bed more, which means that I do more running after work. I really like listening to Daft Punk because they have a really great beat and you can’t tell when their songs will finish. 

What is your secret talent?
In a loose use of ‘talent’, I can juggle...for about 4 seconds. But people are not willing to pay for 4 seconds of juggling; they want something more. 

Lastly, can you sum up Cogworks in one word?
Cogolicious. It’s like bootylicious with less Beyoncé.

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