The People Behind The Cogworks: Josh Condie


Introducing…Josh Condie

Josh Condie

Role: Designer
Clients/brag list: Scholl, K-Y, Vanish, Umbraco Poland Festival, Umbraco UK Festival and Can Do Coffee.

So Josh what brought you here? 
Well, I was in Scotland taking some time out after completing a degree in Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication and was looking to move back to London when my friend Jess told me there was an opportunity at the agency she was working for. I’ve always been interested in digital/web design and there was a chance the job could progress into a design role, so I went for an interview in December and moved back to London two weeks later. 

What’s made you fist pump at work? 
Well, all of my Spotify playlists (which everyone loves...I think). There might be too much Britney for everyone’s taste, so sometimes I try to stay neutral and play Spotify’s playlists but I always end up slipping my own jams in there. 

Work-wise,  the Umbraco UK Festival site has become my baby. It’s been really fun to bring together different design practices and work closely with different people in the company to create something that we think is quite special. This year, we’ve gone with a gaming concept but taken a less obvious direction and created an indie (Journey-esque) game feel which has been really fun. I’ve done a lot of illustration and combined it with web design then brought the theme to the festival by designing merchandise that has to be earned by festival-goers the same way achievements are earned in the gaming world.

What makes your cogs work?
Definitely music. Every time I ever design anything I try to listen to music that sounds the way I want it to look (which sounds weird), but it makes sense to me and helps me visualise everything. For example, with Umbraco UK Festival I listened to dramatic music to try and capture the feel (as if I’m designing an epic trailer). It has to be relevant to what I’m designing (for example, I wouldn’t listen to the same style thing if I was designing something nice and minimal), but overall music just helps me do more work.

How do you get your tech fix outside the office?
I love using my iMac in the office, but outside of work I still use Windows for personal designs because I get to use my Surface Pro 3 which lets me do digital illustrations straight onto the screen - it’s like a really fancy sketchbook, I love it. 

I also really enjoy using Adobe’s mobile apps. My favourite feature lately has been on Adobe Capture where you can create colour palettes from what’s in front of you.

Who would be on your client bucket list?
Oh that’s so hard. I’ve always been interested in the idea of designing for fashion agencies. I love how they maintain such strong iconic branding while changing their feel with each season. Other than that I’ve always wanted to do charity work and design for social change. I really enjoy how influential design can be towards inspiring people to believe in a cause. 

At the moment we're doing a project for a charity called Can Do Coffee and it’s been really fun to see how everyone's skills come to good use. The project originally started out as a website redesign but has now turned into a wider project and we’re trying to do as much as we can to help this cause - from the website design through to their copy and social media.

What is your office vice?
It’s going to have to be music, again. I like playing around with it - like every time Agnes starts humming a song I’ll put it on without telling her or I pick songs that describe someone's personality or mood.

Tipple of choice?
Gin! A G&T or a gin cocktail, always gin. Martin Miller and Brecon are my favourite.

How do you unwind? 
I don’t. I love surrounding myself with people and being social so I guess I find that relaxing but I’m not sure if that unwinds me? I went back to Scotland recently and spent time by the sea, a bit off the radar. I think that’s the first time I've properly unwound - it felt good. I've been riding that feeling for two weeks now.

What’s on your office playlist? 
Britney, we already know this. I keep sneaking her new songs in but I don't think anyone notices because they sound different to her old stuff. It’s more eclectic than that though, I also love Fleetwood Mac and sticking on loads of soul and Motown - maybe some nineties pop and R&B too.

What’s your secret talent?
I’m so talented it’s not really a secret...But I can also wobble my eyes? The other Josh can too though so I guess that’s not that special.

Lastly, can you sum up The Cogworks in one word?
I’d say positive. I think it’s a positive place to be in - since I started nine months ago I’ve seen people here, as well as myself, progress and take on new challenges - so maybe progressive? It’s just a really friendly and stimulating place to work.