The People Behind The Cogworks: Callum Whyte


Introducing...Callum Whyte

Callum White

Role: Full-stack developer
Clients/brag list: Days Out Guide (project lead),, The IET and Umbraco UK Festival.

So Callum, what brought you here?
Well, I was at the 2015 Umbraco UK Festival and I met Anthony. We got talking over a few drinks and he said ‘yeah, you should come work for us,' so we exchanged details and then I interviewed. The moral of the story - go to the Umbraco UK Festival and get a job at The Cogworks. 
What’s made you fist pump at work?
When I’ve been working on a tough project for weeks or months and then it finally goes live - that’s a good feeling. 
What makes your cogs work?
Good question. I guess as I said, when you feel like you’ve achieved and learnt something it’s really rewarding. I’ve always been interested in programming and problem solving, I quite like to challenge myself to learn new technologies and spend a lot of my time playing around with things. 

Recently I’ve been doing quite a lot with Go. All the startups are using it at the moment so it’s quite trendy. Or NodeJS and .NET Core. I’ve got a load of personal projects - either apps or little ideas - and most never see the light of day but anyway I basically will research programming languages and technologies then build my own idea in that language. So that way I’m achieving something, making my idea and also learning something new.
How do you get your tech fix outside of the office?
I read a few generic tech blogs like The Next Web but also a lot of Twitter. I follow a lot of developers so I can always login and find random interesting things. Mainly though, I work on personal projects and do some freelance work so I guess that’s where I mainly get my ideas. 

Otherwise, I try to stay active in the Umbraco community by attending the London Meetup and also umBristol when I can.  It would be good to go to some more in the UK, it’s just a matter of finding right ones, there are hundreds! The Umbraco Festivals too - Codegarden and uWestFest 2017 look out!
Who would be on your client bucket list?
Someone I could get free stuff from – like a holiday, that’d be cool! I know of agencies who get to build sites for Microsoft or Google so that’d be cool from a learning point of view because you would get to learn about their processes, how they work, the new technologies they’re using and use some of their tools as well.
What is your office vice?
I like to argue with Ale a lot. We have a lot of disagreements about the right way to do things coding wise. It’s healthy discussion really. We’re both quite stubborn. We never really complete our arguments either, they just sort of disperse. He said he missed me last week when I was on holiday because he couldn’t argue with Anthony. 

I also LOVE donuts, if there is ever cake in the office it’s really dangerous for me. If it’s Krispy Kreme’s I can eat hundreds.
What is your tipple of choice?
Well, it depends on my mood. I will never say no to beer but I like whisky. Whisky has to be Scotch, always. I’ve been drinking Talisker recently which is a smokey single malt. Beer wise it depends on my mood - with food I have a lighter one like an Italian Peroni or I go for a nice IPA, I don’t mind really, I’m not picky.

How do you unwind?
I like to go for drinks, that’s a nice way to relax. But also I quite like going to where I’m from (where my dad is) in the countryside. I will often spend a bit of time there not doing anything. I love holidays but don’t take them enough. I have a goal at the moment to try to go to the US at least once a year because I want to live there at some point.

Otherwise I’m on my computer until late, then I sleep. I’m also trying to run in the mornings - I feel like that’s a good way to start my day and be more refreshed. It doesn’t happen that often if it’s bad weather but if I do, it means I’m more tired when I go home and then I’ll go to sleep earlier than 3am.
What’s on your office playlist?
I quite like EDM dance/trance music, it helps keep me focused. I listen to that a lot, it makes me happy. I also like classical music – I played piano from when I was four so it just helps me relax.
What’s your secret talent?
I’m pretty good at puns actually. Don’t challenge me to it, but if someone were to ask for a pun I can come up with one on the spot. I also did some flying lessons six months ago, with the intention of continuing but it’s an incredibly expensive hobby and time consuming. You have to do about 40 before you can pass, so I guess it’s more of an interest.
Can you sum up the Cogworks in one word?
I helped Ale answer this question and want to say the same thing…he said inclusive. It is inclusive, but also happy and rewarding.

In the past I would often work on a single project for 18 months and leave the office late, but now I get a lot more of my time after hours too, so yes it’s rewarding.

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