The People Behind The Cogworks: Alejandro Ocampo


Introducing…Alejandro Ocampo

Alejandro Campo

Role: Lead / Fullstack Developer - Infrastructure
Clients/brag list: Trainline,, Storm Model

So Ale, what brought you here?
Well... luck and a pint, I like to call it 'destiny.’ Three years ago around this time, I was on the hunt for a shared desk space and my friend Jorge introduced me to Adam. I was also learning Umbraco at the time (I’m almost a Sitecore developer) so I was offered a desk at The Cogworks in exchange for some support hours. After a while, I asked for a more permanent role and the answer was ‘you're already here, Ale!’. And I'm still here.

What’s made you fist pump at work?
To be honest, when a deployment goes well, that’s a ‘wow’ sensation…also when we have beers in the fridge. Adam - get Peronis for me please.

What makes your cogs work?
The challenges we face with the projects and how we resolve them. So I guess thinking of all the possible solutions. The whole process from beginning to end is a constant river of energy and I just want more and more.

Another important point is that everything is not just work. We also have Coglympics!
Fun fact, my top Coglympics event was the one with the box - ‘Can’t Touch This’ where we had to guess what’s inside a box. I lost but I definitely thought the drill was a water gun. 

How do you get your tech fix outside the office?
I don’t as much as I used to, but I read some blogs from feeds like ‘Coding Horror’, ‘You've Been Hacked’, ‘The Scott's’ (Hanselman and Gu's) and sometimes I get my hands on code to try new stuff. Lately, I’ve been trying ‘Ionic’, which is a mobile framework. When I am in the mood to touch code at home, I go with mobile apps. 

Are you a part of any tech groups?
The one and only Umbraco Meetup which is held every month at The Reliance pub near Old Street. It’s a nice environment to get to know more people and to get some issues fixed. At the beginning, we were six, but now, it’s getting bigger and bigger, step by step. 

Who would be on your client bucket list?
I had the chance to work at Trainline and the experience of working in a product team was AWESOME! All the time I spent there was dedicated to enhancing their product, so just working on one thing and making it better and adding more features. There was time to put some love into the code. That feeling was awesome. I also learned about ReactJS and it’s a really interesting library. 

You will laugh about this, but I would love to work on a site for a cereal like Kellogg's.The site would be made for kids so we would have to use a lot of animations and add some sort of a gaming component to the user experience.That would be super fun!

What is your office vice?
Well...I confess I like to throw some sarcastic jokes at Dan. Could that be classified as an office vice?

Tipple of choice?
Oh! This is an easy one....Tequila.

How do you unwind?
Normally my stress goes away when the work is done, but disconnecting for a few minutes is always good. I used to go to the 'chill-out' area in the office and breathe; the music also helps me to get my energy back. Lately, I've found running is great, so now I'm running 5k’s, five days a week. I’m thinking about doing races, but I don’t know if I can do it now. It seems really serious. At some point, I will, it’ll be a challenge for myself! 

What’s on your office playlist?
Spotify is my friend and I have 2 playlist that gets me to a good place:
1. Fat Lip - Sum 41
2.Edge of Life - Cosmic Gate
Right now, I’m really into deep house. I have found that listening to this type of music really helps me to concentrate on my work and helps me to do what I have to do!

What’s your secret talent?
Ermmm, I don't know if this is a talent but I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Lastly, can you sum up The Cogworks in one word?
Inclusive. Every single one of us have a voice here. I think that is great.

Oh but wait there’s more… Let's turn to The Mystery Jar question…