The People Behind The Cogworks: Agnes Darricau


Introducing...Agnes Darricau

Agnes Darricau

Role: Head of Content
Client brag list: I oversee the roll-out for major global Reckitt Benckiser brands - most recently Vanish, Dettol, Nurofen, Scholl, Durex,, Calgon, Vitroclen.

What brought you here?
Oh now that’s a good story, well for me it is! In November 2014, I left my job as a nursery teacher, it was getting ridiculously stressful so, one morning I woke up and thought, “okay that’s it I’m done!”. I even thought I was done with London! I decided to give myself two weeks to find a new job and if I didn’t I would just move back to France. It was a big challenge for a short amount of time, but luckily I met a French girl who was working for a company called The Cogworks who mentioned they might be recruiting and that I should pass on my CV. The next day I received a text from her saying: “Can you start tomorrow?”.  I remember asking her: “But what exactly is the job?” and she said: “Oh you just have to put text into the CMS”. I had no idea what she meant, but now I’ve gone from Content Editor to Head of Content, and in a month I will be celebrating two years at The Cogworks! Oh and by the way my job is not just putting text into grid boxes, I can tell you that! 

What’s made you fist pump at work?
The challenges that sound impossible at first! I secretly love them. You know when a client explains what they want and you know instantly it is not feasible because of the tight deadline and the resource challenges? I really enjoy the part that follows when we all get together - the content team, the design team and the project management team and we come up with a plan to give the client the best possible outcome within our capacity. So, yes, when we achieve something that didn’t seem feasible at first, that’s an accomplishment I love! One project that comes to mind recently was for Scholl. We regrouped, hired more content editors, created efficient training methods and adapted to a new timeline that would allow us to deliver what we had set out to do within record time.

What makes your cogs work?
Definitely the atmosphere at work and the energy within the content team. We are very serious and passionate in what we do but I feel like we have the right balance between work and fun. After coming from a very stressful environment at the nursery, I feel a lot healthier now that I work at The Cogworks. It’s nice to be able to talk to everyone and rely on your colleagues. My team is awesome and they are really what makes my cogs work!

How do you get your tech fix outside of the office?
I would be tempted to say nothing! It’s not that I’m not interested, I just like to switch off after work. I don’t originally come from a tech background, so working eight hours a day in a digital company does give me my tech fix I would say. I like Instagram though and follow some groups on Linkedin like - Women In Tech who have good articles. I am also completing a Scrum Product Owner course in a few weeks which I’m really looking forward to. So, if it’s something that is planned, I will go and enjoy it but after work I don’t tend to dig for more tech knowledge. I have a brother who is super techy and I always used to wonder how he could spend so much time on the computer learning how to build websites but now I work in the industry we have so much to talk about and I can even share my knowledge with him! 

Who would be on your client bucket list in the future?
If I could choose a website to build it would be for something that inspires me or is relevant to my lifestyle, like an organic shop or a website for a cool yoga studio that’s opening! In terms of a specific client, I would go for a cosmetic brand like Caudalie (which I love) or Biotherm as their design always looks pure and natural - and that's what I’m into!

What is your office vice?
I can’t think of a specific vice but some bad habits definitely. I often complain about the music in the office and privately slack our official DJ Josh to ask him to change the playlist if it’s too Friday like on a Monday…I think he secretly hates me for that. Other than that I crack my neck and fingers way too much, that definitely annoys my colleagues and my boss Adam who always says: “Stop clicking!” but I can’t stop!

Tipple of choice?
Well it depends on the season. In the summer, when we go for drinks at The Bowler I like a good fresh Pimms. I used to get a jug of Pimms for me and my colleagues but I ended up drinking the whole jug so now I just order a jug of Pimms for myself. As for something that’s good for any season - would you say ‘inter-seasonal drink?’ - then it’s a gin and tonic. There is a specific gin I like called Brockmans - it’s fruity and good with lemonade or tonic, I love it. But you can’t get it everywhere so in those times I’ll keep drinking my jug of Pimms!

How do you unwind?
Well, there are a few things that help me unwind after work like going to the gym or cooking (or Pimms!). I go to a pretty good gym in London and it’s on my way home from work which is convenient. I either do yoga or Pilates or whatever class is on that night. They have a sauna too and I love to sit there for a few minutes and just relax. I also really enjoy cooking - I’ve realised I spend a lot of time cooking! I don’t usually follow recipes though, I follow my inspiration. I like to just think something up in my head and then make it! I’ve got quite good at it.

What’s on your office playlist?
Good question - you see, I respect people that can work with music, but you will never see me with headphones because my brain is not built to function with music. I don’t know what it is, I’ve tried so many times! If I listen to music I love, I miss words or make spelling mistakes because I get tempted to sing so I never trust myself to send emails to clients while listening to music. It is a sad reality but I just can’t do it. In general, my favourite music is anything that you don’t hear on the radio 20 times a day - so indie/alternative music. Although I do have an old playlist on Deezer that I listen to sometimes!

What is your secret talent? 
I thought about this a lot and unfortunately all my talents are public...What’s the point in having a talent if it stays secret? Oh, actually I can do headstands. I am amazing at headstands! You know the ones where you cross your hands and put your head in the middle and your legs slowly go up? Maybe that’s my secret talent as you’ve never seen me do that in the office! I’ll go do one now!

Sum up The Cogworks in one word?
Enthusiastic - we’re always enthusiastic about new projects, always enthusiastic about progressing and always enthusiastic about working together.