The making of #umbUKfest


Neil Armstrong once famously said, 'one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind,' and for us here at The Cogworks, it's the same mentality we apply to our annual festival. While the making of our biggest ever Umbraco UK Festival this year was no easy feat (there may have been a few thousand cups of coffee consumed, a series of boardroom chats, a lifetime thread of Slack conversations and an endless debate over pens and vegetarian pizza) the Umbraco community is worth it. It's a massive highlight for us and every year we are continuously re-inspired and reminded why it’s worth it.

But, just like freshening up a site - each year we have to edit and redefine our offering to give the festival a new edge, concept, design and overall revamp (especially if we’re going to call it our biggest, best pressure at all!).

So, with a ‘game plan’ in place (literally!) we were straight into figuring out the logistics of how we were going to create something amazing for our community.

We won’t bore you with the nitty gritty details - instead here’s a fun sneak peek at key moments from The Cogworks HQ during the festival’s lifespan.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into pulling off a Umbraco UK Festival, this is it…

Note: no fun was had in the making of this festival whatsoever...

1. We turned to unicorns for inspiration...



Image: Marcin Zajkowski


 3. We sent our devs on a shameless PR spree

Callum Whyte

 4. We drew a lot of foxes

Draw foxes

5. We wrote a lot of pages and bound a lot of books…

Pages and books

6. We got our swag on

Swag on

And got a little lost along the way...

Preparing Umbraco UK Festival

7. We borrowed a colleague's Polish friend

Polish friend

8. And recruited some Polish models too

Polish models

9. We played ping pong when you weren’t looking…

Ping pong

10. And posed like rock stars...

Rock star

11. We ran everywhere…

12. And played paparazzi


13. We got game and took on the Unicorn


14. Then celebrated with the boss


15. Then one of us stayed out late 'hosting guests' (because someone had to right?).  

Last ones standing