The Cogworks Year in Umbraco


By Nisha Patel

With 2017 drawing to a close, we’re taking a look back at the events which helped to shape The Cogworks’ year in Umbraco. From amazing festivals and trainings, to game changing pull requests and package releases. It’s been a busy year, and we’ve got 2017 all wrapped up with a bow on top.


We kicked off the year in style with the launch of the Find and Replace package. The package was developed by The Cogworks in response to an issue we were experiencing on a client project. Our content team loved it and the people of Twitter were pretty impressed too!

Find and Replace by The Cogworks


In February, our very own Examine Indexer guru Ismail launched the brand new ‘Searching and Indexing with Examine’ course in partnership with Umbraco. The course is part of the official training and has been run throughout the UK as well as Denmark and Sweden. A little birdie tells us that there are going to be even more locations to follow next year, so if you’re looking for a place on the course, keep your eyes peeled!

February also saw The Cogworks host an Umbraco meetup at our London HQ, there was pizza and coffee galore! Our dev team took to the mic to let the Umbraco community know all about how we develop packages and even provided a sneak peek into our internal automations for Trello and Harvest timesheets.

February London Umbraco meetup at The Cogworks


Fuelled by the success of our London meetup, The Cogworks’ dev Marcin flew the Umbraco meetup flag in Poland with the first ever Umbraco Warsaw meetup. E-commerce, Visual Studio and Umbraco Cloud were all on the agenda, followed by beers and pizzas (well, it is a meetup afterall!)

The Cogworks' first Warsaw Umbraco meetup

Hot on the heels of the Find and Replace package, March also saw the launch of the Meganav package and to top it all off Callum flew over to the Umbraco US Festival to indulge in 2 days of Umbraco-ey goodness. The agenda included a range of fantastic talks from Umbraco Grid to Umbraco Cloud, but we’ll let you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, check out Callum’s uWestFest blog to read more about what he got up to.


In April, Marcin flew over to Sweden on official Umbraco business to attend uSweFest - Sweden’s very first Umbraco festival! Marcin gave a talk about “Umbraco (cog) best practices” and was inspired to talk about this, as he himself was struggling to find solutions to areas of bad Umbraco practices. So he shared The Cogworks’ best practices with the hope of inspiring others to share their own agency practices. You can read more about Marcin’s talk and his experience at uSweFest in his round up blog.

Marcin at uSweFest

While Marcin was spreading the Umbraco message in Gothenburg, Callum and Ismail headed to Cardiff for the UmbCardiff meetup. Ismail flexed his Examine Index muscles with an overview of the Examine course and Callum explained his top tips for package development.


In May, Callum attended the first ever Kent Umbraco meetup to discuss his experiences with handling inherited projects. But he didn’t stop there, he also wrote a piece for The Cogworks’ blog with even more tips and tricks for handling inherited code bases, go and check it out if you’re struggling with your own inherited horrors.


June was a quiet month at Cogworks HQ mainly because lots of our Cogworkers flew over to Denmark for the extravaganza that was CodeGarden 2017! Anthony, Callum, Marcin, Adam and Katie were among this year's attendees, and they assured us that it wasn’t all car flipping antics and Umbraco Bingo games. Check out our CodeGarden round up to find out what they got up to when they weren’t busy getting the beers in.

July & August

Ah, the British Summertime! The season of flip flops, shorts and barbeques! Callum hosted the first ever Umbraco BBQ in Bristol and the combination of Umbraco chats and sausages proved to be a hit. We followed this up with a London BBQ in August (but not before having to cancel it the first time round because of the rain, boo!).

First Umbraco BBQ


September saw The Cogworks host the second Umbraco Poland Festival in Kraków. The festival cemented the fact that Umbraco is here to stay in Poland, with an even bigger speaker and attendee count than last year’s Poland festival. The agenda included talks on clean code, intranet builds with Umbraco and A/B testing. Find out more about what went on at the festival in our Poland Festival round up blog.

Second Umbraco PL Fest


In October Ismail and Anthony ventured up north to attend the DDD North conference. Ismail gave a talk on clean code and Anthony spoke about how to ensure project handovers are completed effectively. You can read more about what they got up in Ismail and Anthony’s round up blog.  


November was the icing on our 2017 cake as we hosted the 8th Umbraco UK Festival at London’s iconic Barbican centre (complete with a Club Tropicana inspired 80s theme). We kicked things off with the Hackathon and followed up with a jam packed day of talks, workshops and community space panels. Check out our dev roundup to see what went down.

Umbraco UK Fest hosted by The Cogworks for the 8th time


And before we knew it the year was over. To top the year off, we launched uHealthcheck, our very own Umbraco Health Check service aimed at helping businesses assess and improve their Umbraco implementations.

To 2018 and beyond…

Phew! 2017 was a whirlwind year for us at The Cogworks, but we’re not taking it easy next year. We’ll be ready to rock and roll again in January and we already have a few things in the diary for 2018. Callum and Anthony will be heading over to Australia to talk at the Umbraco Down Under Festival, Marcin will be speaking at the Umbraco Festival Deutschland. Oh, and there’s the small matter of planning the Umbraco UK Festival 2018…