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The Cogworks reveals exclusive Examine course in partnership with Umbraco...

It’s 2009, Michael Jackson moonwalked for the last time, Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States and in Australia a young super developer named Shannon Deminick - working for the Farm - releases Examine.

Before Examine, we only had the umbSearch package which provided search functionality using Some of the more notable issues with it were usability and performance, particularly with large websites. Umbraco was in need of a good search solution...Examine was born!

Examine is a wrapper around and UmbracoExamine is a specialised Examine provider that is specifically for Umbraco content. UmbracoExamine makes it easy to index and search Umbraco content.

I have been using it since day one and after a few projects became quite an expert if I do say so myself ;-). Over time I started to see more and more people having similar problems with it on It wasn’t a problem with Examine per se it was more lack of understanding of how it works and more importantly how works.

Ismail Mayat with Lucene in action book

The Godfather himself...

Answering the same questions again and again gave me the idea to hold a talk on Examine at Umbraco UK festival, so in 2012 I presented - 'Examiness hints and tips from the trenches.' I then followed up with a series of blog posts detailing key tips from my original talk. Both went down really well and I received a lot of positive feedback. 

Over the years I have helped people out via Skype and and again the same issues seemed to crop up. During these sessions a number of people remarked we really needed a course on all this stuff.

So this seed germinated into a boot camp which I then ran at Umbraco UK Festival in 2015. Again it went really well and garnered plenty of positive feedback. One thing I noticed while writing the course was that I actually had enough material to run a full one day course.  

So, given that Examine is part of the Umbraco core and search is an essential part of any website I suggested to Adam our joint CEO at The Cogworks that we should propose a one day official Examine course to Umbraco HQ and include it as part of their training offering.

Adam approached HQ and the rest is history!

So, we at The Cogworks in partnership with Umbraco are proud to announce the newly created one day 'Searching and Indexing' Examine Course.

The course will consists of the following topics: internals
Examine configuration
Examine Fluent API
Examine events, gathering node and document writing
How to debug Examine queries
Indexing and searching PDFs
How to build your own custom indexer
Multi-index search
Multilingual search
Indexing complex data types
Spatial search with contrib

After the one day training there will be a 20 question exam with an 80 per cent pass mark. 

We have already had a full trial run with fellow Cogworker guinea pigs to fine tune and feedback from HQ has been incorporated into the course materials so we can officially announce the first event will be 27th March 2017.

For more information sign up on the official booking page.

I hope to see some of you there or at one of the other planned sessions over the next few months!