People Behind The Cogworks: Laetitia Jallot


Introducing...Laetitia Jallot

Laetitia Jallot

Role: Junior Project Manager

Clients/brag list: Durex, Nurofen, Steradent,, RB Opportunity, Clearasil and Finish.

So Laetitia, what brought you here?
I was working in Paris doing an internship for a small start-up that was designing underwear for women and was basically in charge of the website - the web development (mainly talking with our freelance developer to improve the website) right through to every digital marketing aspect. After I finished, I was looking for a job and finding a job in Paris is not easy. I liked London and already had a friend here so I looked for a job, saw an advert on LinkedIn, interviewed with Will and Adam and here I am.

What’s made you fist pump at work?
I really like my role because I get the feeling that every day I am learning more and more from this company and the people working with me.

The other nice thing about the company is its atmosphere. I used to work at companies where the atmosphere was quite tense, so even though you’re interested in your job, it was unpleasant to wake up in the morning feeling like you’re going to see colleagues that are not nice or walk into a super stressful place. 

I like that everybody gets on with everybody and that you can talk to anyone quite easily. Whenever you have an issue, people will always take the time for you. 

What makes your cogs work?
As I said, definitely the people. I went on holiday for two weeks and was really happy to come back, seriously! It’s nice, we’re not only a business, we’re also friends. From a business point of view, if you feel that you are not learning enough, you can ask to go on bigger project and your thoughts will be heard.

How do you get your tech fix outside of the office?
I used to have a blog and I loved to do that but now I’m working 24/7 on a computer so when I go home I just want to do something else. So the first thing I like to do is have a drink, see friends, and talk. But, if I’m not doing that, then I will watch a TV show or the news.

Who would be on your client bucket list?
It would be cool to have a client with a new and innovative idea, like for example a business that wants to be the next competitor for Airbnb.

What’s your office vice?
I always eat the bananas, it’s true. People are always complaining about it...
What’s your drink of choice?
Sometimes I’m in the mood for a glass of white wine, but if I know I’m going to party hard, then gin or a mojito is always the best option.
How do you unwind?
Seeing friends for drinks or simply watching TV shows. My favourites are Game of thrones and Narcos. I like shows that are full of action!
What’s on your office playlist?
It depends, sometimes I’m in the mood for a chill out session like pop and soul music. But then sometimes I want to listen to good party music like house music.

What is your secret talent?
I make a very good crumble! Apple is my favourite.
Sum up the Cogworks in one word?

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