It's never too young to get involved with Umbraco


The Cogworks is excited to host Andrew Jennings this week for his work experience. Andrew is a 16 year old aspiring developer studying maths, physics, and economics. We spoke with him about his whirlwind of a week at our London office, right in the middle of festival preparations.


What brings you to do your work experience at The Cogworks?

I have always thought that web design and development could be a possible career path for me and I had a connection with The Cogworks because I know Mr. Shallcross.

What have you been up at this week?

Mainly, I was working with the content team. The team transfers content from a client copydeck to the client's website using the Umbraco CMS. I did some work with copying texts and images. My favourite part of what I did was formatting images and doing some of the imagery work.

What was something surprising or unexpected that you learned during this week with us?

What was unexpected was getting to work in all sorts of languages for different countries. I was working on Polish websites, Spanish websites, French websites, etc.

Did you get to help out with the festival?

I did some prep work for that. I helped to arrange some name tags for the festival alphabetically to help with registration and small things like that. There are a lot of talks at the festival and a lot of possible experiences for everyone here. I just attended the Building a Better User Experience workshop.

Did you get a chance to shadow someone on our development team?

One morning, I shadowed Anthony who is a developer. He showed me a bit of what he was doing and he was working on an RB starter kit. A lot of what he was doing was writing code to make it more efficient. I have had very little experience in coding, only one small beginners class. I'm really grateful for this experience. The environment at The Cogworks is very welcoming and relaxed. I was quite nervous when I came, but everyone was really friendly. I'm grateful to The Cogworks and Mr. Shallcross for this opportunity!