HQ takes the hot seat


Umbraco community

You’ve probably seen them online, you may have even been played spot the celebrity at the festival with them and you would have definitely seen their talks if you came along to our Umbraco UK Festival this year.

But just in case you didn’t score a unicorn badge by talking to Niels, we thought we’d break down the barrier and get up close and personal for a chat with our friends at Umbraco HQ.

After all, the best way to hear what they thought of the festival was to get the feedback straight from the unicorn’s mouth.

Little did they know what we had in store!

Taking cues from Oprah, our Social Media Manager Sam invited Niels, Kris and Per to the hot seat (aka plush arm chairs at CodeNode) to get their take on the 2016 Umbraco UK Festival.

Along the way, Sam ended up in an arm wrestle with Chief Unicorn, Niels (an innocent attempt at a high five/hand shake gone wrong), Kris delighted over our fancy badges and made a plea for a ‘Kris badge’ and Per declared it the best festival ever (and he’s been to all seven!).

Needless to say, our impromptu interviews with HQ ended in a lot of good banter and compliments all round. To find out what they had to say, tune in below.

Niels Hartvig


Kris Deminick

Per Ploug


*Disclaimer: no one was paid during the course of this interview - the love was real. Oh, and Anthony’s guest appearance was unplanned...note to self: next year find a less transparent backdrop.