DDDNorth2 – quick review


Saturday 13th October I attended the second DDDNorth.  It was held at Bradford University School of Management, the first one was held at Sunderland University.

Myself and three friends who attend my local thai boxing gym and who also happen to be IT geeks travelled across from Preston.

A few people had recommened the DDD events in the past but I had never mangaged to get round to it. This year I did and I have to say I was very impressed.  The quality of the talks was of a very high standard I learned quite a lot.  I attended the following sessions:

  1. Lions and tigers and hackers! Oh my! Phil Winstanley.  This session was a real eye opener into the world of hacking.  The main take away point was to read The Security Development Lifecycle and incorparate into your development processes. There is also the Microsoft website regarding security development lifecycle see here
  2. Async C# 5.0 Liam Westley - This session was mostly based on the Microsft white paper on async in C# 5.
  3. Defensive Programming 101 Nial Merrigan - This covered top 10 security issues that we have all been guilty of at some point.  The demo of how to download a web.config literally made my jaw drop.  In summary if you have web page that streams a file e.g pdf files and you have url like mystreampage.aspx?file=whaterver.pdf  you can then fiddle with the url and do mystreampage.aspx?file=..\web.config and with a little bit of trial and error navigate to the root directory and stream down the web.config
  4. Over lunch I sat through a couple of GROK talks - JMeter (load testing tool), Glimpse (effectively like firebug for your server) and Out systems agile platform (the demo for this looked to good to be true I need to investigate further but in essence you model your business requirements and it spits out the code).
  5. WebSockets and SignalR by Chirs Alcock - This was very interesting deep dive into SignalR
  6. Event driven architectures by Ian Cooper - This was a very advanced session and alot of it went over my head however it was very well delivered and very interesting regarding SOA patterns.

There was a session on Umbraco (Working effectively with Umbraco - Andy Gibbon) which Tony Southworth attended.

Overall it was excellent, I even won something in the raffle at the end, a license for some software but no idea what!  I also won a t shirt although had to give it away as it was XXL and I am size S.  As we left we were all given a 1 month free subscription to Plural sight training website.

After the event myself and the rest of the Preston Thai boxing massive went for an excellent meal at Mumtaz, Bradfords oldest and by far best curry house.

All in all much fun and learning had by all.