Cogworks Umbraco V8 Hackathon progress so far


So we've reached half way through the first Cogworks Umbraco V8 hackathon and so far it's been a really productive day!

With 6 of us in the Cogworks London office, 6 in our Kraków office and 15 or so others scattered across the interweb, we've managed to create our first few pull requests for V8!

We kicked off the day with an into to V8 by Callum which I've uploaded to our YouTube channel for those who are interested.

Having received a list of things to attempt to do from Stephane form Umbraco HQ, the hackathon team have been self managing and working together in the office and via remote dial in to tackle some of the tasks.

Some are small, some are large, but it's amazing to see that everyone has a working version of V8 installed and running now and are beginning to start picking things off the list!

The idea for this afternoon is to try and focus on the things we've started and get as many finished as we can...let's see how we get on!

Pizza is upon us now, so I'll be back towards the end of the day for a progress update!