Cogworks Umbraco V8 Hackathon - 2nd edition


Last Friday we held the second Umbraco V8 hackathon. Even though the attendance wasn’t as big as the first hackathon in June due to summer holidays, the team we had were focussed and dedicated. So a big thanks to:-

It was particularly great to Jason Prothero from Proworks in Oregon making the effort to join the hackathon. It was a big ask as it was 0600 in the morning when he joined which was just after lunchtime in the UK!

In total we achieved:-

  • 13 PR’s submitted
  • 10 PRs merged
  • 3 still pending review
  • 3 of those PRs were from first time contributors!


As with the first hackathon we started with an update from from Stéphane and Callum around everything that’s happened over the past month in the world of V8 development. A few highlights include:-

  • Lars-Erik Aabech has been doing some great work around the ability to swap out Lightinject should you want to, whilst at the same time performing a code cleanup
  • Shannon Deminick has a large pull request in the pipeline waiting for review around variants and side-by-side editing in the backoffice
  • Andy Butland has been working on a fall back for languages should one of the variants be empty

What did we accomplish this month?

So we started pretty much where we left off last month. The week before the hackathon I’d had a catch-up with Sebastiaan and Stéphane where we added some new items to the list as well as cleared up some of the completed and not needed tasks.

So in no particular order we worked on the following:-

  • Lotte carried on with her great work documenting and testing the speed of the solution rebuild saving on average 3 - 5 minutes per build!
  • Anthony carried on his slow steady slog deleting as much of the redundant and obsolete Umbraco codebase as possible! In total Anthony made 4 pull requests in total.
  • Callum tackled updating the template editor query builder to use the new V8 APIs and ensure all generated code samples work in V8
  • Imran tackled installing some of the most popular Umbraco packages on V8 to find what worked and what didn’t
  • Ismail started the creation of a suite of Selenium tests for the install process
  • Jonas tackled the rewrite of WebForms to Angular: importDocumenttype.aspx
  • Jason tackled changing the Insert Value on the Template Editor to be Model.Value() instead of Umbraco.Field()
  • Katie and I tackled some text changes in the Readme files

The plan moving forward

As mentioned in the blog posts last month, we plan and have scheduled the hackathons for the last Friday of each month ongoing. We’d love as many people as possible to join us, so we’re looking at ways of evolving the day so we can constantly improve and make sure they are as efficient as possible.

We want to make sure everyone gets as much out of the day as possible, and that includes the individuals attending, the HQ in terms of help with V8 and the wider community and end users when V8 hopefully arrives sooner rather than later.

So for next months event, we’re going to be looking for some local teams who can work together on maybe 1 or 2 tasks together. There is still a huge amount to do, but with every small step we make, the closer V8 will become to being launched with all of the goodness that it promises both in terms of performance and user experience of the backoffice.

So please sign up on the Hackathon Meetup page and we’ll ping you with information nearer the date with potentially a group near you that you can join in person, of you are free to join via Zoom as always.