Cogworks pedal to the metal


On Friday the 7th October, The Cogworks London team decided to take a well earned break from our screens and head out of the office for a ‘Cog Day Out’ staff bonding session.

While we’ve always been partial to a social post-work beverage at our local pub The Bowler and already enjoy our weekly fun-hour Friday Coglympics challenges (you know the ones on our Instagram involving stuffing crackers in our mouths, defining our spirit animals and building spaghetti towers?) last week we took ‘Friday funday’ to a whole level by taking the competition outside of the office and into the real world! 

In the ultimate adrenaline fuelled battle where every man and woman stood for themselves (well, drove for themselves) we hit the racetrack and put our need for speed to the test.

Yes, that’s right, we donned shoulder padded onesies, face masks and helmets (and not just for dress ups! Coglympics challenge maybe Nisha?) to venture to TeamSport Karting for the afternoon.

Split into two large teams, we gripped the steering wheels (some holding on for dear life more than others), hit the throttle at full force and spent the afternoon racing (or as I like to call it... skidding) around the race track. 

While some took to it like a bull with a red flag (*cough* Stirland, *cough* Imran, *cough* Katie, *cough* Agnes), others took a back seat and slowly navigated their way around the course, taking in the sights while trying to not get hit or do 360 spins at each corner (**some might say these people were the sensible drivers…). 

**Disclaimer: okay it was just one or two people...the #nannadrivers, I think it’s safe to say we know who they were, no need whatsoever to name names…

Alas, whatever level of speed was reached, by the end of round three adrenaline levels were high, dizziness and delirium had kicked in and and a whole bunch of happy and/or shellshocked Cog crew merrily congregated to hear the final podium scores.

While it can be noted the girls triumphed (hooray Katie!), beating the guys in fastest lap of the day - this isn’t a post about winning. It’s about a whole lot of camaraderie and bonding that was had as we cheered, patted backs, shouted, black flagged, rammed into each other and so forth. 

After burning rubber on the tracks, we headed for a well deserved feed in St Paul's at local pub The Bottlescrue, taking the scenic route across Millennium Bridge on the way. Afterall, what's a London team day out without a tourist worthy stroll around our beautiful city? 

Anyway, don’t just take it from me and my *ahem snail paced bias, here are some of the staff’s top highlights from the day:

“Getting a bruise in the shape of a mushroom.” - Jess

“Black flagging Alejandro...He started it!” - Joshua

“100 per cent seeing Agnes turn from 'Oh my god I'm really worried about this,' into a rule flouting speed demon. #Cheater!” - Nisha

“I got to wave the black flag at the end, that was pretty cool!” - Agnes

“All those years playing Mario Kart finally paid off.” - Melina

For more fun moments from the big day, check out our official showreel…